Renza Projects is a marketing business for security trellis, doors and windows and we are based in Pretoria East. We also market and do free quotations on doublesided precast walls and light weight concrete panels to enclose lapas, renovate wooden houses and sheds.

What is Renza Projects all about?

Resources and expertise combined.

With his back ground in hardware and building material, Francois Duminy chose a few products and projects to get involved with.
Retractable and expandable security trellis from strong and high quality steel to secure your house, town house, flat,office or bush retreat. Good and neat enough for embassies, offices, sport bars, cafe's, Liquor stores, jewelry or any other shops that needs security trellis in front of their display windows. Our fixtures on windows and other strategic openings are designed to compliment  our security trellis, doors and gates.
Our trellis are accepted by most security companies.
Double sided pre-cast garden walls with no bad side. Three different styles of precast walls:
Brick-crete, Wood-crete and Stone-crete, also known as Rock-crete. Stronger and more beautiful than any other pre-cast or stop-nonsense walls.
The panels are ideal for building houses. Together with Des Arts we did quite a few house projects, as well as enclosed lapas and carports. Though we don't do the actual building of small houses and garden sheds anymore, we want to encourage other builders to use our panels. 
In order to assist the DIY precast panel-builders we complied a manual on how it's done, based on our previous experience. Brick-crete, wood-crete and stone-crete panels can be bought directly from us. Follow this link for our easy step by step manual to do it yourself:
More information: Francois 0767 123 124 or